York Fitness Active 110 Exercise Bike Review

York Fitness Active 110 Exercise Bike Review 2020

Looking for the York Fitness Active 110 indoor cycling bike? Do you want to enjoy the exercise from the comfort of your home? Are you in search of a spin bike that is best in value for the money you spend? Of course, yes. That’s something which has brought you here.

Here in this article, we have come up with one of the best and reputed spin bikes named York Fitness Active 110 Exercise Bike for you. We will provide a complete guide regarding this bike so that your process of selection becomes more accessible and comfortable.

After reading this article, you will be able to decide either you should go for this bike or not.

So. Let’s get started.

York Fitness Active 110 Exercise Bike

York Fitness Active 110 Exercise Bike is amongst the best upright exercise bikes. The bike has received positive reviews and has gained significant importance as the Best Bike in the market in terms of value for money.

The bike comes with a large, sturdy padded saddle and eight levels of adjustable resistance, which allows pre-programmed workout. In short, the bike has all the qualities that are needed in a quality spin bike to be regarded as the best spin bike.

Let’s get a detailed knowledge of the York Fitness Active 110 bike and find out the key features that make it suitable for you.

Why Should You Buy this Exercise Bike?

York Fitness Active 110 Exercise Bike is the best exercise bike for you if you want to lose weight and improve your overall fitness. This bike, with its advanced features, makes your exercise much more enjoyable and comfortable.

So, if you are looking to improve your overall fitness and lose some weight, then York Fitness Active 110 is an ideal option for you.

Electronic Display along with Pre-Programmed Workouts

The bike features a multi-functional display unit between its handlebars. The display unit shows the number of calories burnt, the distance covered, the workout time, and your speed in RPM. That’s how you can monitor your progress and maintain your workout time.

The display panel features four pre-programmed workout options

The best thing about this display monitor is that it features four pre-programmed options, including fitness testing. These pre-programmed options eliminate the need for having a personal trainer and helps in a variety of other ways.

Pulse Sensors

York Fitness Active 110 bike Exercise Bike comes with pulse sensors that are located in the mid-section of the bike handlebars. These pulse sensors indicate your heart rate.

Taking advantage of these sensors, you can maintain workout intensity to the desired maximum heart rate percentage. That’s how these sensors help to keep optimum workout intensity. Furthermore, these pulse sensors can also be used to monitor recovery time and record fitness progress.

Magnetic Resistance

The exercise bike incorporates eight levels of magnetic resistance. These resistance levels can be adjusted to meet the user’s fitness levels. Higher the resistance levels, the more intensive the workout.

Another advantage of these magnetic resistance levels is that there are no moving parts that generate resistance. This ensures less wear and tear on the bike and improves the lifespan of the bike.

Adjustable Seat

The York Fitness Active 110 bike features a large and fully adjustable padded saddle that can support even the amplest of bottoms.

The seat can easily be adjusted either vertically or horizontally. Using this feature, the rider can comfortably adjust his height. That’s how the risk of injury gets minimized.

Why Choose the York Fitness bike? (A Buyers Guide)

Let’s discuss some of the factors that make York Fitness Active 110 bike the best option to consider for buyers.

The Bike is Perfect for Beginners

The bike is considered ideal for beginners as it is straight forward to use.  The electronic display interface is quite simple. The first-time riders are impressed by the comfortability of the bike.

Beginners can easily select a resistance level or the workout routine that meets their demands. Hence, the bike exceeds the expectations of the first-time users and brings an enhanced comfort level to their exercise, which makes this bike the first choice to consider while buying.

The bike is best for Weight Loss and Improving Fitness Levels

Regular exercise on York Fitness Active 110 bikes along with maintaining a proper diet can help you lose weight significantly.  Riders claim that riding on this bike for as little as 30 minutes in a day can bring about tremendous weightless transformations.

The users also claimed that the exercise bike miraculously improves fitness levels. Hence this exercise bike is something that you must choose to achieve your fitness goals. Thirty minutes daily exercise on this bike can make you healthier, smarter, and enhance your fitness levels.

The durability of the bike

The bike is durable and does not experience any problems even after the usage of years. The bike is stable in operation and runs quietly. Also, the intense pedaling does not result in any noise.

Great Value for Your Money

Different types of people have used the bike, and almost all of them claim that the bike is best when it comes to value for money. They were pleased with the overall return on investment.

It is much cheaper as compared to other similar options available in the market. In short, the bike has succeeded in exceeding the customers’ expectations in many cases.

The Drawbacks of York Fitness Active 110 bike

Apart from all the advantages mentioned above, the bike also comes with several drawbacks. Let’s discuss a few of them:

The Assembling Process is Slightly Complicated

Although many customers claimed that the bike assembling process isn’t that difficult. However, some customers didn’t find the assembling process to be easy.

They claimed that it takes about 45 minutes to one hour to assemble the bike completely. So, you may need a friend or a partner who can assist you in assembling the bike quickly.

Not Suitable for Those People who have back Issues

The York Fitness Active 110 bike is not considered best for those people who have back issues. So, if you are facing such issues, try any other bike that suits your requirements.


Having read all the ifs and buts of the York Fitness Active 110 bike, you can now easily decide either this bike suits your requirements or not. If it does, then do not hesitate to get one for you. The bike is best for daily exercise, and you can easily do regular workouts from the comfort of your home.

So, to get benefited from the best cycling bike, instantly buy the York Fitness Active 110 bike right now.

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